Travelling Tales

Six people transforming the way they travel

Smell the Smoke

by Ali Macleod Summing up in possibly the last post on here, I have found it very thought provoking, quite sore, cold but also  preventing my winter weight gain. This … Continue reading

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What happened to Supergran?

by Ros Jarvis So our six weeks are up and what have I got to show for it?  Not a lot.  I have to confess (do I?) that when I … Continue reading

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Clocking up the miles.

By Ali Macleod Despite the weather we are still on the bike. Some of my journeys have been in pretty nasty weather. Head down and thinking of home. The electric … Continue reading

November 4, 2013 · 2 Comments

It’s not getting any better!

by Ros Jarvis The only way I can deflect attention away from my own sustainability failures is to put the blame elsewhere and suggest four good reasons for not cycling … Continue reading

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Protest tomorrow demands double in active travel budget

Pedestrians and cyclists will gather outside the Scottish Government’s offices at St Andrews House, Edinburgh at lunchtime on Wednesday 30th October to call on John Swinney MSP, the Scottish Minister … Continue reading

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Witch needs broomstick that works!

By Anne McLaughlin I had to add the words ‘that works’ seeing as I appear to be the not so proud owner of so many things that don’t. I’ll just … Continue reading

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Aaah, the Irony.

By Ali Macleod Life is full of irony. Here I am blogging on a site that is promoting changing your mode of transport in order to lower your carbon footprint … Continue reading

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Like Swimmers in the Sea

by Freda O’Byrne The side effect of cycling in the rain Influences other choices made – like today – “Stay in! Its dreich!” No. Head for the beach, the sea, … Continue reading

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Clocks going back soon – so what lights should I get for my bike?

It’s a beautiful time of year in Scotland at the moment. The trees are aflame with almost impossible colours, and the afternoon light slants in at angles that catch the … Continue reading

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A week off

  by Ros Jarvis I’ve had a wee cough – or at least that’s my excuse! And I still have it, which is more than can be said for my … Continue reading

October 23, 2013 · 2 Comments

Swans, Dogs and Broadband.

by Ali Macleod… Reading Anne’s blog about going to the SNP conference has got me thinking about the draw backs of rural transport provision. I have always thought that the … Continue reading

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#SICK Bicycle

by Freda O’Byrne My best beloved bicycle is lame. Limping sore, out back, beside the shed door, where it waits for a ride it will not get today. Its perished … Continue reading

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SNP Conference hears about Travelling Tales

By Anne McLaughlin Today I spoke at SNP Conference in the Transport debate which was mainly about the need for integrated transport. And then I thought, hey, that’ll save me … Continue reading

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By Freda O’Byrne A bad week for cycling – I’m fair disappointed, my plans and routines have become all disjointed. There’s never a rhyme nor reason, I’m told, why the … Continue reading

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Little steps better than no steps

By Liz Gibson. Today we had lots to do in Oban.  We decided not to take the car on the ferry but we did drive to and from the ferry … Continue reading

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Secret Electric Bike Club?

By Ali Macleod So busy up here, the idillic rural life is full of tasks,people and, yes, places to go. After taking a little time out and pressing the button … Continue reading

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You can take my train but you won’t get me back in the car!

By Anne McLaughlin I started off the day planning to post a mildly humorous piece attached to this image. I now see that you can’t see what it says and … Continue reading

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Car sharing gave us the chance to catch up

By Anne McLaughlin Today I went through to Dunfermline to help out in the by-election. It took a while to sort out the logistics but I managed to arrange a … Continue reading

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Opening my eyes and ears

By Anne McLaughlin On Sunday I got the train to my mum’s in Gourock and what a revelation that was. I don’t want to sound like I NEVER take public … Continue reading

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Where is the car and what is my weight?

By Jodie Peachey… The car doesn’t get out much anymore. We used it once this week in an attempt to see the northern lights ( 😦 didn’t see them). It’s … Continue reading

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